17 December 2014

Hey Everyone! It's been an exciting and really busy week for the Tomb Raider franchise. We've got so much to go through, so lets get to it!

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris IS OUT!

The biggest news of the week: Tomb Raider fans can now play Lara's new adventure, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris!

The game takes her to Egypt where she is forced to team up with a rival archaeologist Carter Bell, as the two accidentally trigger an ancient curse and are marked for death. Oh, and they also awaken the evil god, Set, as you do. They are joined by Horus and Iris, who are determined to gather the pieces of Osiris' body in order to awaken him and defeat Set.

If you want the standard edition of the game, it can be purchased from XBOX Live (XBOX One), Playstation Network (PS4) or Steam (PC) for $19.99/£14.99. You can also buy the game and season pass which will come with all the currently announced DLC packs for $29.99/€28.99/£17.99. The Gold Edition will cost $49.99/€39.99/£29.99. In addition to that Steam has an offer where you can purchase four keys for the game, if you know who your co-op buddies will be, for $59.99/€59.99/£44.97. You can also download the game first, and pick up the goodies later separately through the Square Enix Store.

Temple of Osiris, Community Challenge: Burn Baby Burn

Temple of Osiris features some pretty exciting weekly Community Challenges. The challenges are specific to each platform, so while everyone may share the same target, you are trying to reach it with other members on PC, XBOX One or PS4. The rewards varies depending on the challenge, it may be gems or perhaps new weapons.

This week's challenge will award you a golden SMG! To obtain this item, the community has to kill 5,000 exploding flaming mummies using the SMGs found in the game.

This specific challenge will run until this Saturday at 23:59 PST. If successful, the Community Chest will be unlocked and remain so for 24 hours after the challenge closes.

Keeley Hawes' Interviews

Keeley Hawes returns as the voice of Lara Croft in the latest adventure. Personally I'm really excited by the news, it feels like the return of an old friend, especially with the classic Lara making a reappearance. In celebration for the title's launch, Keeley has made several appearances in front of the camera. Check out her onscreen appearances below!

Video uploaded to YouTube by Tomb Raider Collection.

Video uploaded to YouTube by Tomb Raider Empire.

Temple of Osiris, New Screenshots

Crystal Dynamics has released a handful of new in game screenshots for Temple of Osiris. By now you might have already explored the areas which are featured in the images, but they do look stunning none-the-less, and of course the screenshots may vary depending on how many players you have in the game. You can check out all of the new screenshots over at our Facebook page, HERE



 Rise of the Tomb Raider's Publishing Deal

On the same day as LCTOO's launch, Square Enix Europe issued a statement in response to a Twitter message. It was revealed that Microsoft was publishing the upcoming, Rise of the Tomb Raider, whereas usually Square Enix would be publishing their titles.

In response, Square Enix issued two statements. The first statement was sent to all video game journalism websites: 
“Yes, Microsoft will be publishing ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ on Xbox.  Microsoft has always seen huge potential in ‘Tomb Raider’ and they will get behind this game with more support across development, marketing and retail than ever before, which we believe will be a step in continuing to build the ‘Tomb Raider’ franchise as one of the biggest in gaming.”
The second statement was sent to GameInformer which clarified that the exclusive deal has a duration. You can read the full statement and story, HERE.

Tomb Raider Mini-series

A few days ago, news broke of a new Tomb Raider fan mini-series. The episodes will be created by Stephen Lunsford, who many of you will know from Tomb Raider Facts. On Instagram he said that the mini-series will be a prequel to Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Message from Crystal Dynamics: "The series in question is a fan project. Stephen and Cambria are huge fans of Tomb Raider and are whipping something awesome up to pay tribute. We're happy to promote and give the project love just as we do with any other fan film! We're not involved from an official standpoint. The creative and narrative direction are entirely up to Steven and his crew, and not a hint at the direction we'll be taking ROTTR."

Official or not, we're really looking forward to seeing the new episodes! 

Guardian of Light iOS Update

Final quick update! The iOS version of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light recently received a huge update. The game will have a new look with HD graphics and a new user interface. Support for iOS 8 has been added, and the title can be played on iPhones 5, 6 and +6. Checkpoints and progress will now be saved through the cloud system.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is available now on iTunes for  $4.99/£2.99/ €4.49.
For more information, check out the official blog post!

14 December 2014

A few months ago I heard about a fan who wanted to do something ambitious. I had been meaning to write about his work since but life got more than a little insane and was pretty packed with events both devastating and incredible. This meant was a huge shift in what I could focus on and unfortunately this meant that some hobbies had to be put on hold. One of those hobbies was Guns and Grapple, and writing this community spotlight. This fan project stayed in my mind though, and I made sure that once I could get back to writing, that I would dedicate a post to it.
Meet Kejero, a Tomb Raider fan with a passion for creating powerful music. A few months ago he released two pieces which blends soundtracks taken from the games and movies. The target was to design tracks which encapsulated the spirit and atmosphere of Lara's adventures, and he's done an absolutely, incredible job. There are moments in both tracks which hits a specific song and you're immediately transported to a specific scene in the game or the movies. A perfect tribute to the franchise and an amazing listening experience for long-time fans.

One of the challenges of creating a brand new piece from existing soundtracks is blending two iconic pieces together without a heavy transition, and while Kejero does use memorable tracks in his work, each section fits together so perfectly that it feels very natural.

Both tracks pays homage to the entire history of Tomb Raider, from the original 1996 classic to Crystal's recent reboot, and when the Core Design tracks starts playing, it hits you hard. It genuinely made me stop writing just to focus on it.

For more game inspired music make sure to check out Kejero's site at: http://www.kejero.com/ or his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Kejero, which gives an indepth look at how he created the pieces. Additionally his music can also be found on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kejero

8 December 2014

Back in the early days of Guns and Grapple, the site was dedicated to posting the latest news. I moved it away from that in recent years due to multiple external reasons, but it's something which I kind of miss. I can't promise to give you breaking news (I think the official Tomb Raider blog has that covered) but what I can do is cover the events of a single week and present them in a clear post so you can stay up to date on the series. If you have a hectic lifestyle or perhaps don't check for TR news on a daily basis, this feature is for you.

Temple of Osiris Soundtrack Released on Soundcloud

Today, Crystal Dynamics announced that the soundtrack for the upcoming, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, will be released for free on their new SoundCloud account. Eight tracks have already been uploaded to the page with the next batch due to be released next Monday.

The soundtrack is composed by Wilbert Roget II. You can check out some of his work on his website, HERE or at the Lara Croft Soundcloud page, HERE.

Tomb Raider II iOS, Out Now!

In a surprise announcement, Tomb Raider II was released on iPad and iPhone this week! The game is priced at £1.49. If you have a busy life style, or a long commute to work or school, this is a fantastic game to play while you're on the go. The title also comes with The Golden Mask, the original expansion pack, which is an additional treat for fans of the classic. If you're the type of gamer whose goal is to try hitting that 100% completion, you're going to have a challenge with this one, as it has 50 unique achievements.

Official Synopsis: "The unstoppable Lara Croft is back in Tomb Raider II. Join Lara in her quest for the Dagger of Xian, reputed to possess the power of the dragon. But beware, Lara is not the only one in search of the dagger! Warrior Monks and crazed cult members plot against you as you travel from the remote mountain peaks of Tibet, the canals of Venice and to the bottom of the sea."

Personally I'm really excited to see some of the classic games get some love, a huge focus over the past few years has been on the reboot, so it's nice to look at Lara's true origins and relive those first adventures again. I haven't had a hands-on with the new version yet, but I'm being kindly lent an iPad by my Guardian of Light co-op buddy to check it out, and I've heard great things about the new mobile title.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Gold Edition Unboxing

Speaking of classic Lara, Temple of Osiris is out very shortly! As the title is considered to be outside of the main Tomb Raider canon (and therefore also the reboot), our eponymous protagonist will be arming herself with her signature twin pistols and returning to Egypt in search for the Temple of Osiris.

Gamers can also pick up a special Gold Edition of the game, which includes a map, a hardback book packed with concept artwork, a miniature Lara Croft figurine and the season pass which contains downloads for the currently announced DLC packs.

A few days ago, cosplay extraordinaire, Jenn Croft, visited the Crystal Dynamics HQ to take part in a special video co-hosted by Crystal's Senior Community Manager, Meagan Marie, where viewers got the chance to see the goodies inside of the collector's edition. If you're a close follower of the Tomb Raider series, Jenn's name might be a familiar one, she has done some incredible cosplays. It's great to see Jenn in her Tomb Raider gear as well as Meagan back at Crystal! Check out the video below:

Quickly some pricing information for Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. If you want the standard edition of the game, it can be purchased from XBOX Live (XBOX One), Playstation Network (PS4) or Steam (PC) for $19.99/£14.99. You can also buy the game and season pass which will come with all the currently announced DLC packs for $29.99/€28.99/£17.99. The Gold Edition will cost $49.99/€39.99/£29.99. In addition to that Steam has an offer where you can purchase four keys for the game, if you know who your co-op buddies will be, for $59.99/€59.99/£44.97. You can also download the game first, and pick up the goodies later separately through the Square Enix Store.

In Europe, there are only two platforms which you can buy a Gold Edition for: the PS4 and PC versions. The North America Gold version is available on all three platforms but is a little different; you can pick up the Gold pack in store and just before you pay for it, you will be asked for your preferred platform, after which you will be given a code for a digital copy of the game.

More Temple of Osiris Merchandise Heads to the Store! 





Temple of Osiris, Team Fortress 2 Character Packs

A few months ago, Crystal Dynamics in collaboration with Valve, arranged a competition where fans got to design special Lara Croft themed outfits to be used in the Team Fortress 2. Three winners were chosen, along with two runner ups, each getting a prize pack of Square Enix games on Steam. The three winning outfits would also be a pre-order bonuses for Temple of Osiris on PC.

If you buy the game before the ninth you will receive, Lara Croft's classic tinted glasses (Tomb Raiders), jungle shorts (Jungle Booty) and Egyptian headdresses (Crown of the Old Kingdom), all in a variety of colours. The pre-order pack contains those three items. The runner up entries were Pocket Raiders, Orion's Belt and Booktenkhamuns.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Launch Celebration




Square Enix Forums: Competition #17: Festive Decorations

With Christmas creeping up on us, the Square Enix Forums are holding a special festive competition where you can win some special Temple of Osiris goodies. Prizes include a Crystal Dynamics exclusive Sisters of Artemis notebook, lithographs signed by the development team and gaammmesss!  So many games.

To enter all you need to do is create a Tomb Raider Christmas decoration and post it on the forums! "For example bow and arrow-shaped Christmas cookies, a snowy holiday scene with LCTOO characters, Christmas tree baubles with TR9 symbols on them."

Maximum of three entries per person/household, and 100 restriction if your entry contains text. You must post your entry in the thread with the introduction "This is my contest entry", and use http://pic.driber.net/up/ for uploading images to your post.

Submission deadline: January 7th 2015, at noon CET.

Temple of Osiris Launch Trailer

Last Friday was The Game Awards! In addition to the awards ceremony and new game announcements, the launch trailer for Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris was shown for the first time and was broadcast worldwide. In case you missed it, you can catch the video below!

Official Synopsis: "Developed by Crystal Dynamics, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is the successor to the critically-acclaimed Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Featuring four-player co-op, Lara Croft joins forces with rival archaeologist Carter Bell and imprisoned Egyptian gods Horus and Isis, to defeat the evil god Set. Players must work together to defeat hordes of enemies, solve devious puzzles, and avoid deadly traps, all the while competing for treasure, powerful artifacts, and ultimate bragging rights."

Community Shoutouts

This week, the team behind the upcoming fanfilm Hunted released a new video focusing on some of the set design,  make sure to check it out on their YouTube Channel!

Archaeology of Tomb Raider has released a new post about the Dragon's Triangle, it's an interesting read and very much recommended!

A few fans have received their copies of Temple of Osiris early, so if you want to hear their views on the game so far, make sure to visit Kelly's website or Laurie's forums.

With Christmas coming up, my final shoutout goes to Kate's Christmas fan film, which you can visit over at the official Tomb Raider blog.

Until next time!

25 November 2014

Relive is a new feature on the site which revisits specific moments in the Tomb Raider series. In this post we're going back to one of Lara's earliest adventures, Tomb Raider II. The game promised to be bigger and better than the original, with more locations to explore and new gameplay variety. This time Lara was after an artifact, the Dagger of Xian, which granted whoever was impaled with it, the ability to turn into a dragon. An impressive power sure, but incredible impractical given that most doorways aren't dragon size... or in fact takeaway food. And being a dragon is great and all but, you know, burritos.

While there are so many fantastic moments in the title, there's one which stands out as the greatest for me, and it takes place pretty early on in the game.

The game starts off with a trip to the Great Wall of China. After wrestling with some of the wildlife including some kittens, a pack of angry spiders and some heat seeking eagles, Lara finds herself at the start of an adrenaline fuelled ancient assault course. The course only takes around one minute to complete but also consists of back to back traps, and yes, most of them are highly impractical and ridiculous.

Of course this series has no illusions that it frequently delves into the fantasy genre; it's what allows awesome situations like this to happen. Plus I have a fondness for level design which has "wait...what?" elements.

The assult course is as followed:

Lara first runs down a darkened tunnel and over collaspable tiles which breaks seconds after she touches them. Below the tiles are bloodied spikes so continuous movement is imperative. Once over the tiles, keep running to the steep incline and quickly slide down. Behind you are two huge boulders, in front are sharp spikes, so make sure you keep moving and you jump at the precise moment. Once on solid ground you haven't got a moment to lose as two walls, baring spikes, closes in on your position. Turn left, and sprint to the tunnel, and you can escape just in time. In the dark tunnel, you're allowed a moment to pause, and perhaps save before the insanity starts up again.

Once on the move you're faced with a more blades and loose ground, move fast and jump when needed, matching the pattern: tiles, blades, tiles, blades, tiles, blades. Once in the next room, run quickly to the exit as once again the walls close in on you. Run over the collapsible tiles, past three sets of spiked walls, and drop down into the next room. In this room, you will face more moving spiked walls. The loose ground in the corner proves to be your salvation. As the floor gives way, you are thrown into a cave. The final trap lays in front of you; two rolling wheels, armed with a spike in the centre.

24 November 2014

Gaming has a strong ability to unite people, whether it's through a shared passion for a character,  a series or a game. Over the past 19 years, the Tomb Raider franchise has connected people from across the globe and has helped fans express their creativeness.

I want to tell you about a fan film which I am so excited about. While every fan film has a unique touch, this one especially caught my eye when it was first announced.

The film is called Hunted and is written by Kate Sykes and directed by Josh Pate. It stars Sara Croft, Anne Roig and Carla Lemley.

Kate Sykes, The Writer.
                  The Inspirations     

The story is written by a close friend of mine, Kate Sykes. If you don't know her, then where have you been!
She's a cosplayer, a talented writer, an actress, a photographer, and she's also a genuinely lovely person.

Over the past few years she has written guest posts for the Official Tomb Raider Blog as well as Guns and Grapple. She has been spotlighted for her cosplay skills by Crystal Dynamics in Croft Couture and has been a featured cosplayer for a month at Lara Croft Cosplay. She has written her own mini Christmas Tomb Raider fan film and she is currently participating in Meagan Marie's cosplay charity store which supports Room to Read. These are just a handful of projects she's done, I recommend checking out her Facebook page for amazing ventures.

Copyright Kate Sykes

For Hunted, Kate is in charge of creating an interesting and engaging storyline as well as giving the characters a voice. Over the past few months she has worked closely with the cast to discuss the plot. "It's tremendously exciting!" Kate describes "I've wanted to make a Tomb Raider fan film ever since I decided I wanted to make films for a career, which was when I was about 14, so to be able to do this project all these years later with some of my personal inspirations is very special."

In the series, Lara travels in search of mythological truths and fascinating treasure but for each adventure there's a personal aspect to it. For Kate, the driving force behind her involvement in the project is a similar reason. In 2007, she met Anne Roig who plays Lara in the upcoming fan film and the two quickly became friends. Kate has complete faith that Anne will deliver a great performance. "She is incredibly talented and has already shown that she's an excellent Lara Croft through her cosplay." Around the same time, Kate also met Sara, the owner of Lara Croft Cosplay. After learning that both Anne and Sara were planning to meet for a photoshoot and a possible fanfilm, Kate jumped at the idea of writing for them. As talks of the fanfilm became more serious, Carla also joined the cast to portray Himiko. "To have Sara and Carla Lemley - who are also veterans in Tomb Raider cosplay - involved as well is a dream come true for me."

Copyright Kate Sykes

The latest Tomb Raider has certainly grabbed the attention of the gaming community. The sleek, new reboot took Lara to the brink of insanity to show the strength and determination of humanity and the treasures of pursuit. Kate is among the title's fans; "It's a beautiful, emotional and brutal story that shows a broken young Lara who finds her inner fighter in order for her and those she loves to survive. It's something that's never been seen before in Tomb Raider." Kate wanted to focus on Lara's and Sam's relationship, a variation of Rhianna Prachett's story, which also includes her own personal touch to script.

Sara Croft, Sam Nishimura
                  The Filming     

For those involved or interested in cosplay in the community, Sara's name will be very familiar to you. She's the creator of the community's largest cosplayer website, Lara Croft Cosplay. Through it she has launched several exciting projects including recently a care package programme for those fans interested in creating their own Tomb Raider costumes but are experiencing financial difficulties. In recent months, she has been spotlighted  in Croft Couture and arranged a cosplay charity auction which raised over $1000.

Sara's Tomb Raider (2013) Photoshoot
She's a woman of many talents, with skills in photography, video editing, crafting and sewing. While you may see photographs of her scaling trees or plunging into cold water as Lara Croft, for the upcoming fan film she will be embodying Lara's friend Sam Nishimura.

Like Kate, Sara fell in love with Lara's latest adventure "When I got to play the game, I really liked the character development. She's just a young girl whose been backed into a corner by fate and either she fights or she dies." Sara is best known for her dedication to the cosplay community; a hobby that isn't just about looking like a character but capturing them. What intrigued Sara was Lara's complete determination throughout her adventure and her unwillingness to give up. "If it was me, I think I would have given up when I washed up on that beach, but you watch her develop into a fighter, and if a normal girl can do that, so can we."

Earlier this year, Sara, Carla, Josh and Anne met to record scenes from film. While in great company, the weather seemed anything but. "We needed to shoot a few scenes in the snow and even though you bring coats and try to mentally prepare yourself for the cold, it's never enough. Although I was able to handle it better because I layered shirts and pants on underneath my costume. I had to do a couple takes barefoot in the snow as well" Some fans have suggested that Lara could have acquired a jacket from one of the scavengers in the game, Anne more than anyone probably wishes that was the case now. "I felt worse thinking about Anne in two tank tops and ripped up pants and Josh in the Mathias costume in 29 Fahrenheit weather!"

Sara and Anne as Sam and Lara. Photo by EAT Photography.
Sara's enthusiasm for the project certainly shows through. When I asked about why she wanted to create a fanfilm, her answer solely focused on the people involved on the film;  "honestly just for a chance to work with Carla, Anne and Josh in person. They are wonderful people that I love dearly and it's like we were all split from the same egg. The amount of things we have in common is overwhelming so it made the whole process easy and really fun."  She also spoke about her admiration for her friend's acting skills especially during a fight scene between Anne and Josh "without speaking a word, Josh had thrown his staff at Anne and she instinctively blocked it (not to give up too much) but the improvisation carried on throughout the scene and it was perfect! We still remenise about that scene!"

Anne Roig, Lara Croft
                  The Challenges     

Anne's journey into the world of cosplay started at the young age of 14, encouraged by Lara Croft's adventures, and viewing her as a source of inspiration throughout school. Since then her love for the series has driven a number of cosplay projects. She has been interviewed for Croft Couture on the Tomb Raider blog as well as been a spotlighted cosplayer on Lara Croft Cosplay and Complex. She has modelled for Hibernacula, been featured in the book Gorgeous & Gory, and has starred in the sci fi series, Venus Rises. With her Hunted cast members, she is currently taking part in Meagan's cosplay charity store.

While I know many incredibly cosplayers in the Tomb Raider community, Anne was one of those fans whose work I admired but I had never talked to her personally before. Everyone I interviewed for this article spoke fondly of her, it wasn't until I approached her about the project that the reason became incredibly clear. Anne is probably one of the sweetest and most accommodating people I have met. Her enthusiasm and complete adoration for the fan film and her cast members shone through immediately.

Anne's Tomb Raider (2013) Photoshoot
Her passion for the games is obvious from the outset; despite being introduced to the series in the early Core Design days, she thinks there's something special about Lara's latest incarnation who she describes as her "absolute favorite. There’s a certain rawness, or vulnerability I guess you could say, to Lara that no one has ever seen!"

Anne refers to the fan film as an "exciting challenge" stating that "we are not a professional team, just a bunch of crazy hardcore Tomb Raider fans with a passion to bring Lara to life!" Her description of the group seems somewhat fitting, especially after hearing of some of the tribulations that they faced while filming. "I believe nothing could have prepared us for the crazy journey that soon took place as everyone was getting ready to meet." Even before filming even begun, a broken down car and impossibly cold conditions hindered the group travelling. After Sara's car broke down on the highway just 40 miles into their journey, Anne and her fiancé Josh drove down to New Hampshire to collect the team. Despite a hectic and expensive day, they continued preparation for the fan film. "we had to juggle finishing up miscellaneous props and costume pieces, taking care of my son (who, might I add, is in his terrible two's!), and get filming equipment ready."

Behind the Scenes photograph with Anne and Josh.
The following day was filled with further troubles. "It seemed like fate was completely against us" Anne describes, as the freezing conditions made it impossibly to safely film the scene. Despite feeling frustrated with the sudden turn of bad luck, the group still managed to make the most of the day by arranging a photoshoot. Getting up early the following day allowed for the cast to make up for some lost time. " Thanks to Sara and her ridiculously awesome ability to organize everything with her lists, seriously… I’m super impressed! We made it on location, and even though it was still dangerous for us to film, we did it anyway! We took all of our props and gear, (which collectively weighed a couple hundred pounds, at least!) and hiked roughly 15 minutes in through the frozen tundra of a forest to get to the perfect location." By the time that filming was finished, a blizzard had began to roll in, travelling through fresh snow and frozen lakes with the equipment, proved to be an additional challenge. Despite talking about the challenges of filming, Anne remains completely optimistic as she retell her experiences "we all stuck together as a team and got through it alive! And for that, I’m extremely proud of us! "

Carla Lemley, Himiko
                  The Surprises     

 If you've been following the Official Tomb Raider Blog or any Lara Croft cosplay groups, Carla's incredible reboot photoshoot has probably graced your computer screens a few times. She has a real talent for cosplay and can accurately embody the characters she is portraying. Her recent Lara cosplay, dedicated to the first incarnation of Lara, has received praise from numerous gaming websites and has been described as a perfect tribute to Core's protagonist. While we've seen her as Lara, she is exploring new ground in the upcoming fanfilm and will be playing the antagonist, Himiko.

Carla's Tomb Raider (2013) Photoshoot

The project is a collaboration between fans spread over thousand of miles. For Kate, video calls were set up from the UK to the States. For Carla, this first meant a series of transfer flights across America. Talking to her in the middle of production, Carla is enthusiastic about the fanfilm; "This project is very exciting we have a great crew with lots of ideas and ways of crafting that will make this film certainly memorable!" It's certainly a film to keep an eye on!

In its concept, the fan film, simply titled A Tomb Raider Fan Film by Kate Sykes, starred Anne Roig and Sara Croft. As the script and project developed, the idea grew into something more complex and in the months that followed, the group released a series of surprise announcements, among which was Carla's involvement with the project. Prior to the film, Carla had been working for a number of years as an admin with Sara and Anne at Tomb Raider Cosplay, but until the fanfilm, the group had never met before in person. In preparation for the fan film, Carla drew inspiration from the latest game, "I took into account the traits, mythology and aspect and transferred that into my part in the film "

Upon arrival, Sara had a special surprise lined up. Months prior to the meeting, Carla had purchased several custom items online to be used in an upcoming cosplay, the items never arrived. Before the group began filming, Carla was presented with a series of surprise handmade gifts sent all around the world by Lara Croft cosplayers to replace the items she should have been sent. Click HERE to watch the unboxing video.

Himiko's Promotional Poster. The outfit was made by Kate's mother (Sarah-Jane Underhill), and cost around £200 to construct. The costume was then shipped to America to be used in the film's final scene.

Speaking to Carla, it quickly became clear her passion for the project and for her hobby "My most memorable and favorite moment of the project has been the behind the scenes crafting with Sara and Anne,we sat down for the evening and just painted and detailed some amazing props Sara made and we all put our personal touch to them."

Josh Pate, Mathias
                  The Directing     

In the upcoming fan film, Mathias returns to our screens, played by Josh Pate. In-game, the antagonist is often manipulative with a determination to kill Ms Croft for her interference, but in real life Josh and Anne are a couple. As a still life and cosplay photographer (EAT Photography), Josh is someone who is often seen behind the camera rather than in his photographs, but from his photoshoot below he looks comfortable in front of the lens; he does an amazing job at portraying Mathias.

Josh's photoshoot as Mathias.
In addition to starring in the film, Josh had the additional challenge of being the fan film's Director. With his experience as a cosplay photographer, it will be interesting to see how he incorporates his prior experience into recording the film. Sara described her time working with him on set: "Working with Josh Pate was a delightful experience, his passion for his art often became contagious, and was like a surge of energy throughout the crew.  He always had a smile on his face no matter what we faced. We as a whole crew decided that he would be the best person suited to direct. So as the director, it was an enormous responsibility that we threw on his shoulders but he rose to the occasion beautifully. "  

Speaking to Sara about Josh's portrayal of Mathias, she comments: "he did an excellent job portraying, I honestly don't understand how he was able to juggle directing and acting at the same time, especially because we were in extreme weather and temperatures." In addition to the fanfilm Josh also portrayed Mathias for a special photoshoot which took place earlier this year. He joins his castmembers in Meagan's charity campagin, supporting Room to Read, where you can purchase his Tomb Raider prints.

Josh's photoshoot as Mathias.

Throughout the filming, Josh was an invaluable member of the team, as he also photographed the experience "he was incredibly quick and on point, he was great at directing all of us and we captured some phenomenal pics. That's the kind of decisiveness you need in your crew chief. we are a lucky bunch to have him."

Have a Facebook account? Make sure to "like" the Hunted page for regular updates on the team's progress. You can also follow Hunted on YouTube, where you can see special behind the scenes videos from the filming. Stay tuned for more information!

Thank you to the team for the interviews and for their amazing support with the article. A special thank you to Sara for last minute help and exclusive behind the scenes screenshots.