1 March 2011

Chris Barrie played the role of Hilary in both of the Tomb Raider movies, his character helped Lara out in difficult situations. As well as being in Tomb Raider, Chris has been involved in numerous televisions shows like Red Dwarf, Petrolheads, as well as making documentaries about machines. Guns and Grapple had an exclusive quick interview with him about his time on the Tomb Raider set and if he was interested in any future projects involving the series. 

Promotional Photo for the first Tomb Raider Movie. Chris Barrie is pictured to the right of Angelina.

1.    Did you know about Tomb Raider before going for the role?
I had certainly heard of Tomb Raider the computer game.

2.    How did you feel when you got role in the film?
Quite excited.

 3.    What is your most memorable time on the set?
Probably the ‘stick fight’ in the second movie.

 4.    How was it learning how to fight with the quarterstaffs in the Cradle of Life?
Being totally inexperienced in the area I found it a steep learning curve.  The stunt team were very patient with me.

 5.    Which film did you enjoying doing the most and why?
There were equally good fun.

 6.    If you are asked to star in the third film would you do it?

 7.    Did you have to undergo special weapon training to fire the shotgun in the first film and if so how did you find it?
Yes, I went out to a wooded area of Pinewood Studios and the armourer showed me how to behave with a gun, so that it would look ‘natural’ in the movie.

 8.    Would you want to voice a character in the video games if you were asked?

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